About BusinessEducation.ie

BusinessEducation.ie is an online resource for Leaving Cert Business, Economics and Accounting students and teachers.

Developed by Banking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) in conjunction with the Business Studies Teachers’ Association of Ireland (BSTAI) the site provides a number of learning resources for use by teachers and students in the classroom or at home. These resources have been identified by the BSTAI as tools which can provide valuable support in teaching and learning the senior cycle business subjects. The content on the site is written and assessed by experienced teachers with the assistance of BPFI’s Economist and will be regularly updated with new material each school term.

The site has three main sections:

  • Economic Indicators – in this section you will find an overview and the most up-to-date figures on a range of Ireland’s key economic indicators. These figures are updated quarterly and important in helping students understand certain parts of the curricula as well as for use in exams. This section also contains a business and economics analysis sub-section consisting of brief reports on key national and international business and economic developments of note.
  • Sample Exam Questions & Answers – in this section you will find an overview of a number of key topics within the Business, Economics and Accounting syllabi. Each topic overview is accompanied by a sample exam question and written answer as well as a number of suggested student activities. This section also contains past leaving cert examination papers for the three subjects.
  • Business News – in this section you will find links to business news stories which are relevant to the exam topics covered on the site.

BusinessEducation.ie has been developed as part of European Money Week, an  initiative by the European Banking Federation which takes place annually in March. The initiative consists of a series of events both at national and European level, with the aim of raising public awareness on financial literacy and improving financial education for students at primary and secondary level.

To find out more about European Money Week you can visit the website here.

About BPFI

bpfi_logo_colour_rgbBanking & Payments Federation Ireland (BPFI) is the voice of banking and payments in Ireland. Representing over 70 domestic and international member institutions, BPFI mobilises the sector’s collective resources and insights to deliver value and benefit to members, enabling them to build competitive sustainable businesses which support customers, the economy and society.

BPFI recognises the importance of financial education and is delighted to work on this project with the BSTAI with whom we have a longstanding relationship.

BPFI (formerly the Irish Banking Federation) has previously developed a range of generic resources and interactive tools online that assisted in teaching students about money and its management. These resources, directed at primary and second-level students, are still available to use and can be downloaded from the BPFI website here.


The Business Studies Teachers’ Association of Ireland (BSTAI) is the professional association for all teachers of Business Studies subjects in second level education.

With 16 branches through the country, the role of the association is the enhancement and development of business subjects in our schools.

BSTAI events include branch meetings, National Executive meetings, an Annual Conference and the Annual Business Studies Achievement Awards Ceremony. Members are represented on NCCA Business Studies subjects Course Committees.

For more information, visit our website, www.bstai.ie