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Using this Site

The purpose of this site is to provide a resource for leaving certificate students who are preparing for their final exam. It is intended to improve their understanding of the various topics on the business syllabus.

Five business topics are covered. Each consist of a summary of the topic with relevant examples to illustrate the key learning points. A sample exam question with an appropriately worked out solution is provided, along with a number of additional sample questions in the Student Activity section to help practice the topic.

The Applied Business Question (ABQ) consists of a summary of the exam structure with emphasis on the compulsory nature of the ABQ, and explaining the methodology to be used when answering the ABQ. There are two typical ABQ’s suitable for the current years exam with appropriately worked out solutions provided. There is also an additional sample provided in the Student Activity section along with a template to help structure the answer.

Structure of Syllabus

The Business syllabus is broken down into three sections: A, B, and C.

Section A – People in Business

Unit 1: Introduction to people in business
People and their relationships in business.  Conflicting interests and how they are resolved.

Section B  – Enterprise

Unit 2:  Enterprise
Introduction and definition of enterprise. Entrepreneurs and enterprise skills.

Unit 3:  Managing 1
Introduction and definition of management. Managers and management skills. Management activities.

Unit 4:  Managing 2
Household and business manager. Human resource management. Changing role of management. Monitoring the business.

Unit 5: Business in action
Identifying opportunities. Marketing. Getting started. Expansion.

Section C Environment

Unit 6: Domestic environment
Categories of industry. Types of business organisation. Community development. Business and the economy. Government and business. Social responsibilities of business.

Unit 7: International environment
Introduction to the international trading environment. European Union. International business.