Case Studies

Take a look at these case studies which have been written for you to illustrate some of the key learning points from the business syllabus. Each of these Business Case Studies use up -to-date examples of Irish business in action and will help bring to life key elements of the business curriculum. They provide good examples of the theory in action and might be used to illustrate your understanding of the different topics.

Examining Sources of Funding for a Business Start-up


This study focusses on the different sources of funding available to support business and help them develop, manage their cash flow and expand. In particular, Dept Finance (bank finance) is examined and the mechanism for accessing it is outlined. The case study further looks at two Small to Medium Enterprises (SME’s) and examines their financial needs going forward.

Market Research Supporting Youth Engagement

Bank of Ireland

This study focusses on how Bank of Ireland is using primary and secondary market research to develop a highly targeted marketing strategy for youth engagement. It will show how Bank of Ireland has created the #BOIMyFirst campaign using the insights garnered from the research.

The Marketing Mix – Using the 4 Ps to Underpin a Student Marketing Campaign


The focus of this study is on how KBC is developing its student market segment using the marketing mix (four Ps — product, place, price, and promotion) to create an innovative and highly targeted marketing strategy.

Digital Innovation

Ulster Bank

This study focusses on the impact of digital innovation in the banking sector. It will show how Ulster Bank has embraced and invested in new technologies to enhance customer satisfaction and build customer loyalty. In addition, it will investigate the diffusion of innovations theory, the data protection regulatory requirements and consider the impact of technology on human resources.

Corporate Social Responsibility

This case study will show the impact of social responsibility on modern day companies, illustrated by the experience of four banks operating in the Irish retail banking sector: Allied Irish Bank (AIB), Bank of Ireland, KBC Bank Ireland and Ulster Bank.

Looking at the ways in which the four banks bring the ideals of social responsibility to life in their own settings gives a bird’s eye view of social responsibility in action. The examples outlined here give a grounding in the principles of social responsibility and identify concrete ways in which the concept is put into practice in today’s dynamic environment.