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Exam Q&A

In this section we cover key topics from Leaving Cert Business and Economics to help you achieve the best at your exam. Topics are introduced and supported by professionally worked out questions and answers. In addition, sample questions are provided in the form of student activities to help you become familiar with the key learning points of each section.

The sample answers provided on this website are written by experienced teachers and examiners who understand the importance of following the State Examination Commissions recommendations.

The sample answers clearly illustrate the layout/methodology that must be used when answering the questions.

Students, using these resources, will be able to practice past exam questions and see the type of exam answers that are necessary to achieve success.

Recommendations for the Business Exam

The Chief Assessment Manager of the State Examination Commission, when referring to the style of exam answers in Business that will maximize the marks achieved, states that:

  • Definitions of business terms must be precise and accurate
  • Separate paragraphs should be used for each point developed and essay type answers should be avoided
  • Writing long passages of irrelevant material should be avoided
  • Include key points and avoid repetition of points
  • Start each question on a new page
  • Number each question, section and sub-section correctly

The Applied Business Question (ABQ), a compulsory section accounting for 20% of the marks, requires a particular type of answer layout/methodology. This is shown in the sample exam answers included on this site.

Recommendations for the Economics Exam

The following recommendations should be noted by students of Economics in preparing for their exam:

  • State, Explain, (and where appropriate) give an Example (SEE)
  • Layout points carefully. Use bullet points and clear explanation. Avoid one-liners and develop your answer
  • Draw diagrams properly and label and explain them correctly. Practice drawing diagrams from given figures e.g. demand curves, cost curves etc.

Section A

  • Try to attempt all questions
  • Ensure detail is concise and accurate and where appropriate give examples
  • Avoid one or two word answers

Section B

  • Read question carefully, make sure you know precisely what is being asked? Highlight the key word or phrase
  • Discuss/debate an issue. Students should approach an issue from both sides of view
  • Workings – students should show all their workings
  • Read the full question asked including Part C
  • Definitions need to be precise and accurate

Important: The best way to keep up to date with business news related to your Business or Economics course is to watch the evening news, glance at a daily newspaper, look at the RTE website, or follow the news items selected for you on this website.